Quicker Turn-Around-Time

The general insurance market is growing rapidly with huge potential across the world. The insurance providers are under increasing pressure to automate the business workflow process in order to decrease the turn-around time and gain a competitive edge. In today’s competitive environment pricing pressures and changing market dynamics are forcing carriers to consider a more dramatic approach

NSURE with its automated cover note management system helps insurers in easy handling of policies in reduced time. It can be easily integrated with existing and external system applications. With its GUI user-friendly applications, the operating efficiencies of the insurance process increases thus helping the insurance provider to manage their policies and connect with their customer in a more transparent way.

NSURE helps carriers increase responsiveness while reducing the operating cost through an affordable and flexible policy administration platform.


The customer-centric NSURE-eCover Online Transaction Portal is offered as a Software solution to the insurance more

NSURE Claims

End-to-end claims cycle management - The system covers the claims management process right from the more