Better Policy Management

The problem found even the largest companies is operating without proper internal controls. Insurance company must be able to quickly react to changing customer requirements by providing appropriate products and solutions. Policy management refers to the activities of documenting a company’s policy rule that illustrates how certain situation under certain circumstances should be handled.

NSURE policy management provides a flexible, three tier architecture that stores and manages all the policy information. Also NSURE policies are clear and concise for the users to read and understand. The policies are regularly reviewed and updated in order to ensure they are legally compliant and updated with the latest trends in the industry. NSURE provides solution for highly complex insurance products and services related to general insurance industry. Policy renewals and cancellation can be easily done through NSURE policy management system. NSURE supports integration from underwriting to policy maintenance, giving insurance providers the opportunity to meet the changing market requirements.


The customer-centric NSURE-eCover Online Transaction Portal is offered as a Software solution to the insurance more

NSURE Claims

End-to-end claims cycle management - The system covers the claims management process right from the more