The NSURE Claims Difference

Claims management is the largest cost centre for insurers and the process most vulnerable to huge operational costs. By streamlining the traditionally high number of tasks associated with claims, nsure e-Claims accelerates claims resolution and reduces administrative and settlement costs by meeting changing business needs and customers’ expectations.

The days of managing claims with stacks of paper files, multiple spread sheets, and putting an Insured on hold while digging through file cabinets are over. An NSURE claim is a complete and proven, end-to-end, claims tracking and management system for insurance carriers. It can manage a claim from start to finish for all property and casualty related incidents. NSURE Claims is one of the very few insurance solutions that are image based and effective.


The customer-centric NSURE-eCover Online Transaction Portal is offered as a Software solution to the insurance more

NSURE Claims

End-to-end claims cycle management - The system covers the claims management process right from the more