Efficient Claims Administration

In today’s world, effective and efficient claims management is critical for the success of any insurance provider.  Controlling cost and complying with regulatory environments continue to be a major challenge for all firms. NSURE claims administration has been designed to minimise fraud claims, maximise operating efficiencies and deliver cost effective solutions. It helps to manage and track claims that in turn improves the productivity and performance of claims handlers. When claims administrations are handled efficiently and accurately, claims are paid quickly, errors are minimized, administrative costs is reduced and builds relationship of the insurance provider and the customer.

NSURE claims management process results in reduction in manual process and work around thus helping in productivity increase and fast recovery.  NSURE claims solution uses business rules and workflow models to integrate data from the databases.

Nsure claims administration process includes:

  • Customized services to meet the specific needs of the customers
  • Consistent turn-around time for claims cycle
  • Less communication costs and reduced dependency on physical paper
  • Better chances of recovery and well in time
  • Process level validation built in for controlling losses
  • Handle complex catastrophic claims


The customer-centric NSURE-eCover Online Transaction Portal is offered as a Software solution to the insurance more

NSURE Claims

End-to-end claims cycle management - The system covers the claims management process right from the more