Better Claims Outcomes

Businesses often rely on technology to automate process and increase output. Making use of Information technology to develop business efficiency is definitely a hot concept but not a new one. Insurance claims management is one uphill challenge the industry is facing ever since it started. With the increase in fraudulent cases happening in insurance claims sector, it has become a challenge for the industry to operate efficiently.

NSURE claims uses the latest technology trends available in the market such as built in fraud checks, e-filing system, scanning and imaging based system to ensure customers that there is quick settlement of the claims made within the assured time. We provide users with an integrated workflow model for efficient customer complaints handling.

NSURE is one of the very few insurance solution providers who use scanning and imaging technique for claims handling. NSURE with its improved service level leverages on the best technology for reducing manual work and speed up the retrieval.

Our fully automated system also offers the following services for user benefits:

  • Auto remainder process
  • Auto reserving process
  • Enforceable alerts for file closure, after payment
  • Better integration
  • SOP liability and quantum entry templates
  • Ensures quick action and recovery


The customer-centric NSURE-eCover Online Transaction Portal is offered as a Software solution to the insurance more

NSURE Claims

End-to-end claims cycle management - The system covers the claims management process right from the more